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The class names at Ashley Junior School follow the theme of birds, as we all aim to be ‘High Fliers’.

Year 3 Classes:

  Kestrel Class – Mrs Deverill and Mrs Morgan - (Class Teachers)

             Mrs Alfano and Miss Austin (Learning Support Assistants)

 Wren Class – Miss Plumley - (Class Teacher)

            Miss Andress (Learning Support Assistant)

Year 4 Classes:

 Kingfisher Class – Miss Allen - (Class Teacher)

            Mrs Lansbury - (Learning Support Assistant)

 Skylark Class – Mrs Bunnett - (Class Teacher)

            Mrs Bowdidge and Mrs Armstrong - (Learning Support Assistants)

Year 5 Classes:

 Barn Owl Class – Mrs Pope - (Class Teacher)

            Mrs Fishwick and Mrs Crump - (Learning Support Assistants)

 Eagle Class – Mrs Wakelin and Mrs Stern - (Class Teacher)

            Miss Turner - (Learning Support Assistant)

Year 6 Classes:

 Osprey Class – Mr Cox - (Class Teacher)

            Mrs Nettleship - (Learning Support Assistant)

 Merlin Class – Mrs Pepin - (Class Teacher)

            Mrs Ross - (Learning Support Assistant)

 Hawk Class - Mrs Witney - (Class Teacher)

            Miss Ward - (Learning Support Assistant)

Learning Support Unit:

 Robin Class – Mrs Harling - (Class Teacher)

            Mrs Dawson, Mrs Pollard and Mr Millward - (Learning Support Assistants)