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Marvellous Me

Get wonderful news about your child’s learning and success. 

MarvellousMe tells you about the wonderful things that your child is learning, and pings you when they’ve been praised for good work, a great character skill, or received school rewards. It makes you smile, feel proud, and inspires better home learning support and encouragement. Plus, it helps you to stay on top of homework, events and other school tasks.

MarvellousMe is free for parents. You’ll get exciting alerts if you use it on your smartphone or tablet.

Get Started. It’s free! 

  1. Download the MarvellousMe parent app, or join up at  
  2. Tap ‘Sign Up’  
  3. Enter the join code provided by the school.  
  4. Enter your name and email address, then make up a password.


Top Tips 

  • Invite partners, grandparents and carers to join up too.  
  • Tap ‘Settings’ and then choose ‘Share your app.’  
  • Send a Hi5 back every time you get wonderful news.  
  • Add more children by tapping ‘Add child’. Then enter their name and join code.  
  • Access useful information by tapping the links under the child’s avatar. 
  • Get help at 
AJS Competition time
Who’s ready to get creative at home and design a badge for all to see on MarvellousMe?
Highflyer from each class is selected each week in our Celebration Assembly. Throughout the school week, teachers look out for children that are being Ready, Respectful and Responsible. Can you design a MarvellousMe badge to represent our Highflyer of the week? Click the PDF below for the design template.