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Medical Information

If your child is not well enough to attend school you must let the school know by 8:30am. Call the School Office on 01425 616510 and leave a message on our absence line or email the school at

If your child is off school and we do not hear from you the absence will automatically be marked as unauthorised. This also becomes a safeguarding concern.

If your child has vomited or has had diarrhoea they cannot return to school until 48 hours after the last instance. This is to protect other children from infection.

We believe that every lesson counts and we therefore ask that all medical appointments, wherever possible, be made out of school hours. If you do need to take your child out of school for a medical appointment we will need to see an appointment card / text / letter confirming the appointment time.

If your child is well enough to come back to school but is still taking medication the school can support you with this. Where a child has been prescribed antibiotics 3 times a day we would ask that you give a dose before school, after school and at bedtime. If, however, they have to take more doses we can give medication in school if we have written permission to do so (permission forms are available from the School Office or on our website).

If your child is taken unwell whilst at school our first aiders will make an assessment of their condition. When your child starts at AJS we ask that you sign a permission form for giving them paracetamol, then if they simply have a headache etc. we can give them some medicine.

We will always phone you to talk to you before we do this. If we feel that your child really is too unwell to stay in school we will phone you and ask you to take them home.

Please note that we cannot give other medication in school unless we have written permission from the parent / guardian to do so; verbal permission is no longer enough.

Antibiotics and other medication that cannot be bought over the counter can only be given in school if it is prescribed by a Doctor, in its original packaging with a pharmaceutical label. Please note the same applies to Ibuprofen; we cannot give any Ibuprofen pain relief to any child under 12 unless it is prescribed for that child by a doctor.

Supporting children with long-term medical needs

When your child starts at AJS we ask you to complete a health needs questionnaire. If this alerts us to any special medical needs we will contact you to assess how we move forward. If your child’s needs are complex we will invite you in to discuss their care in school and we will complete a healthcare plan with you.

If your child has complex health needs please let us know as soon as possible as it may be that we need to arrange extra staff training.

Please note that if your child has an epinephrine Auto-injector or an asthma inhaler they will need to have two of these in school. One will be kept in the classroom and one will be kept in the School Office.

More information on how we support children with long-term medical conditions is available in our policy document. Please ask at the School Office.